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Over $2,000,000,000 (Yes, 2 Billion) of funded funeral prearrangements! 

PFP is a leading preplanning organization working with families, preneed counselors and funeral homes throughout the United States and across Canada.

The PFP Marketing Systems offer three distinct and proven systems that collectively make your overall preneed program as good as it can be.  No matter which our systems you choose, PFP has invested thousands of hours developing and refining them to be effective for you and your funeral home.

We guarantee Results, your Success, and happy satisified Families!

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  • Increase the value of funerals for consumers with our personalization program
  • Secure the loyalty of existing families you service to protect current market share.
  • Get NEW families who previously used other funeral homes to now choose  your funeral home.

Implement and execute a strategic preneed business plan.

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